Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies:  An absolute, not so widely known gem in the field of mind-body healing
The Bach Flower Remedies, based on 38 flower essences, were developed in the early 1900’s by Dr. Edward Bach.  As a treating physician, Dr. Bach would invest time in listening to his patients before administering medicines, a practice which gave him insight into the real cause of a person’s illness.  He concluded that treating physical symptoms was not enough, as the body was a mirror reflecting the thoughts in the mind. 

In addition to being a medical doctor, doctor of public health, and bacteriologist, he was a researcher.  Sharing the belief that the patient is the most important factor in his healing with the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, he thoroughly researched and explored this approach to treating the personality, characteristics, idiosyncrasies, and physical symptoms of the patient.  Thru further research and the application of his findings, he began to achieve excellent results with patients by primarily considering their emotional states apart from their physical complaints.  The overall conclusion he drew from his early work was that physical disease was not of physical origin but that it was the consequence of a mental attitude.

Dr. Bach then went on to connect 38 negative states of mind from which we commonly suffer to the essences of 38 flowers.  Based on his strong sense of spirituality, his belief in Unity in all things, and that each of us is related to everything else by a common higher, more powerful form of energy referred to as ‘creative force’, ‘universal life principle’, ‘love’, or simply, ‘God”. He chose the 38 remedies from plants of a higher order, or particular energy wavelength.  The energetic qualities of a particular remedy has the potential to harmonize and restore optimum rhythm within one’s own energy field.  In short, the Bach Flower Remedy acts as a form of catalyst, re-establishing continuity between a person’s soul and personality at the point where it has b become broken. 

How does it work?  After completing a questionnaire and a follow-up interview, a remedy is chosen to use over a several week period.  Instructions of use, along with any additional recommendations for therapeutic bodywork, meditation, visualization, and/or affirmation are provided. 

Benefits of the use of Bach Flower Remedies include:

~A resolution of disharmony within our mind-body state

~A proven, viable approach to treating one’s mental outlook, personality traits, and temperament rather than just a physical complaint, making it a more complete system of healing. 

~Provides simple, thorough support of the person, not the disease without side effects

~Whether for illness or to keep well and strong, the remedy addresses fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances, loneliness, over sensitivity to influence and ideas, despair or despondency, and over-care for the welfare of others

~Greatly allows one to assist themselves in their own healing, at the causal level

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