Primarily perceived as a practice for healing the body, Reiki is also a method for healing the mind and spirit.  Ultimately, Reiki has the power to reunite the trinity of Mind-Body-Spirit in their optimal state of harmony.  All of us need to start the process of returning to that state of harmony, more now than ever. Reiki, with its power and simplicity and its methods for healing both the self and others, offers the way to start taking ‘the journey home’.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word; Rei can be translated as ‘universal, transcendental spirit, a boundless essence’.  Ki means fundamental life force flowing and pulsating in all living things.  The concept of this life force, or vital essence as the activating energy of the universe that leaves the body when life departs is present in all cultures and religions.  Chi, or instance, is found in Chinese medicine; Prana is found in the Hindu Upanishads and the practice of yoga; Light is found in Christian teachings.   

from McKenzie, Eleanor. Healing Reiki. Ulysses Press, California, USA, 1998.

When an individual receives the Reiki attunements, their bodies energy channels are opened in a way that connects them to the Universe’s limitless source of Ki.  As the universal life source energy is more freely accessed, their own energy frequency is increased, allowing old denser energy to be sloughed off.  In addition to using this energy for their own healing, the practitioner becomes a channel for transmitting this greater vital essence to another.  Most importantly Reiki is drawn thru a practitioner by the person wishing to receive; this drawing in occurs in the appropriate amount, and to wherever it is needed most.  As this supportive, healing energy works to release blocked energies, it cleanses the body of toxins to create a greater state of balance.  It reinforces the recipient’s ability to take responsibility for their life and to help them make the necessary changes in attitude and life style to promote a happier & healthier existence.  Changes that occur may not be dramatic and instantly visible; rather, the energy, like flowing water, reshapes the containment channel over time so that the benefits are realized gradually versus abruptly and are more easily accepted.

As the assimilation process of Reiki continues, and it is integrated into our daily lives, we can experience an opening of our hearts.  This further allows us to experience a unique unity with the divine and a sense of reconnection with the eternal oneness of creation.  Of all the experiences to be had thru practicing Reiki, none is more beautiful than the recognition of the universal spirit that unites us all.  For so long many of us have failed to acknowledge, even denied the spirit within us, making ourselves ever more fragile in the process.  Through practicing Reiki, we are able to strengthen ourselves spiritually, and more fully celebrate our religious beliefs.

Anyone can benefit from Reiki, and following are summarized examples of how this occurs:

~Amplifies the life force energy in our body which than helps create greater balance

~Reiki is drawn – in just the right amount that a person needs, never imposed or forced upon another

~Tensions, rooted in the past, causing blockages in the present can be neutralized with the help of Reiki

~Reiki, in its divine healing grace aids everyone along the spiritual continuum


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